Roxx Flo Cassarole Set (2 pc/set, 8 sets/ctn)

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Roxx flo cassarole set bowl/platter for serving foods or cookies to family and friends. Order roxx flo cassarole set bowl/platter online from EazeLyf.

Product Highlights

  • Item: Roxx flo cassarole set
  • Brand: Roxx
  • Art no: 2207
  • Item type: Platter/Bowl
  • Quantity: 2pc/set, 8 sets/ctn


Expected delivery time: 15 days (normal mode)


About Product

Roxx flo cassarole set is use for serving foods. This platter/bowl set is used for serving different types of foods to family and guests. This platter/bowl set has unique and beautiful design with beautiful art work on its body. This also can used for store foods for a long periods.


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