Boneless Mutton (10kg)

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  • Item:  Mutton (Boneless)
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Every 100 gram of Mutton have 421 mg of potassium, 4 mg of zinc, 10-20 mg of selenium which is good for health.
  • Mutton has higher levels of potassium and lower levels of sodium than the other meats. Thus it is healthier option for people with hypertension, heart and kidney disease.
  • Due to its high content of vitamin B12, keema helps you get healthy skin.


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About Product

Mutton helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the body. It contains unsaturated fat in good amount and lowers the bad cholesterol. It provides you with lots of protein and energy for good functioning of the body.

Consumption of meat is associated with many health benefits. Most of these you would have not heard before. It contains nutrients that are extremely beneficial for our health.


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